A yacht with great style

For people looking to forget their problems, vacationing as far away as possible from their usual place of work and social life is the right solution, this makes thousands of people in Europe look for islands like Ibiza to vacation and have fun with friends or family.
Partying in Ibiza is something usual for thousands of people who live in the areas of Europe since this island is known by many Europeans as the cradle of fun, this makes many seek to party all over the island and its waters which can be done with the help of BarracudaIbiza.

This agency is responsible for renting the best boats for tourists willing to have fun at sea with large yachts like the Austin Parker 42 which is a comfortable yacht of unique design, known for an exterior design perhaps somewhat simple internally is an elegant and totally reliable work.
Elegant and simple hand in hand
The Austin Parker 42 is a gem in terms of boats as its classic design blends many modern areas that attract people’s attention with features such as the following:
Length: 12.50m
Beam: 3.96m
Capacity: 9 persons
Cabins: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Engines: 2 x Volvo 600IPS (435 HP)
Cruising Speed: 32 knots
Top Speed: 39 knots
Fully equipped with the entertainment of people in mind this yacht is a piece of luxury, whose design evokes classic times, this beautiful vessel has an interior design that together with its exterior provides great relaxation and its internal comfort gives great peace to its users.
With GPS system and autopilot the Austin Parker 42 is known for having great maneuverability compared to other models of its line with similar equipment, which is why people looking to enjoy a good day of fun at sea do not think twice about renting it.

A good yacht for party days
In Ibiza it is always something amazing to enjoy being on the high seas and with this kind of yachts like the Austin Parker 42 the world feels unique, however these yachts are not for free enjoyment so people visiting the agency’s website to see the charter costs.
In the low season this unique yacht can be rented for the price of 1350€ with a slight increase for the mid season that puts it at 1550€ so in the high season to have the cost of 1750€ rental, these prices refer to the daily rental of the yacht.

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